Tree Stump Removal

Tree Stump Removal & Stump Grinding

You will not get an accurate estimate of tree root removal until a tree service can inspect the tree. South Coast Stump Removal offers a specialized service, offering only tree stump grinding / removal and tree root removal. When you need tree removal, stump grinding, or landscaping. You will want to make sure you work with a skilled, certified arborist to have a good idea of how frequently you will need tree maintenance, plus any other care you might need to provide, such as tree injections that benefit the tree overall. As the name indicates, stump removal takes the entire stump of the tree, including the roots, out of the ground. When you are ready to beautify your landscape and reduce one or more tree stumps,  check out this website, they only provide  stump grinding & stump removal services.

After the tree is down, the wood can be cut up, moved, or stacked upon request  but make sure your stump removal leaves you with a clean, safe yard. Also be sure to use  fully licensed, insured, and courteous professionals. Stump grinding is the safest, cleanest, and only way to ensure your tree stump will not regrow.

A professional Tree Service Company can completely remove a tree or just prune and saw off its branches if a storm damages a tree. With a regular tree pruning service, you will remove dead branches and leave your shrubs healthy. Removing several branches can often save a tree, but when the damage has severely weakened the tree, sometimes whole removal is the best option. For mature trees pruning is the practice of removing dying or dead branches from the tree. Storms can cause serious damage to trees and fallen or significantly damaged trees may threaten your property and your safety. By cutting away unhealthy branches and promoting the growth of healthier areas, you can improve the health of a tree and bring back the natural beauty trees bring to your property.

Stump grinding involves using a stump grinding machine to remove the tree stump by chipping away at the wood with a rotating cutting disk which grinds the stump into small wood chips. After the chips and debris have been picked up, the stump still requires covering, and the main body of the stump often is left behind to rot under the ground. Stump grinding is the preferred way to remove a stump, and stump grinding prices vary depending on whether you do it yourself or let the professionals handle it for you. After a tree stump has been ground to small chips by a stump grinder, you will be amazed at the big pile of shredded stump you will be left with. Depending on the size of the stump, stump removal usually takes an hour per stump. After a tree stump is ground out, stump grindings or shavings can be left in a pile in the hold, or hauled away.